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Custom eLearning

Intuition are experts in designing effective Learning programs that meet our clients’ business objectives. We help clients achieve their desired business outcomes while making the best possible use of budget. Choosing from a mix of solutions, clients harness economies of scale and cost savings across their portfolio.

The “Portfolio Mix” comprises of different types of eLearning development, provided via an easy-to-update Learning Management System (LMS).

  1. Rapid
  2. Off-the-shelf Customized
  3. Corporate Custom
  4. Games and Simulations
  5. Mobile Learning


1/ Rapid

Organizations are increasingly turning to Rapid to create short courses of 10-20 minutes duration. Typically, these are PowerPoint slides with an audio narration or supported by a “talking head” video of the expert presenter.  Often clients quickly create the source materials (presentation slides, videos) internally. Intuition then publishes the content as an eLearning module that can be delivered, tracked, and reported. The process offers a speedy turnaround on delivery (a few days), is very responsive to business needs and is cost effective. See examples

2/ Off the Shelf Customized

Mainstream business issues that must be covered, but have smaller audiences or lesser business impacts, can be addressed by leveraging Intuition’s library of off-the-shelf training. These modules can be customized to meet each client’s unique needs, for instance content specifications (rules, policies, guidelines), culture, and branding.

3/ Corporate Custom

We work with clients to identify key programs in which it wishes to invest, driven by responses to some common questions:

  • Does the course directly address the business priorities and/or goals?
  • What impact is expected from the course on the business?
  • What are the behavioural changes that need to be addressed?

The course design is then fully aligned with the organization’s core business goals. Working through realistic scenarios and making decisions along the way helps support the learning within the work environment for increased retention, understanding, and transfer to long term memory. As the number of employees that enrol for the course increases, the cost per user decreases. Organizations receive a powerful, targeted course directly aligned to the business, with an excellent Return on Investment (RoI) profile. See examples below:


eLearning is ideal for sales training. Key product features and benefits can be conveyed in a standardized manner. See examples

Systems Training

Intuition are experts in designing and delivering custom systems training programs via elearning. See examples

New Hire/Induction

Joining a new organization can be a daunting experience, Intuition provides custom solutions which help the assimilation process. See examples


Intuition worked with a client to provide learners with an understanding of innovation and creativity in the organization. Read more


Intuition has the experience of working with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing organizations to create effective technical knowledge transfer programs. See example


Intuition is a compliance eLearning partner to both regulatory authorities and to many organizations. See examples

Customer Education

Intuition helps clients establish clear strategies for client education initiatives and builds custom solutions to educate and inform customers about product and service offerings. See examples

Product Launches

Intuition has been the successful education partner working on product launches for several leading global pharmaceutical companies. See example

Continuing Medical Education

Intuition works with both the pharmaceutical and the medical insurance sectors to create CME accredited courses. Read more

Product Knowledge

Physicians are intolerant of under-informed sales representatives. Intuition works with pharmaceutical sales trainers to ensure sales reps make the most of their one shot to show that they can communicate at a clinical level, can understand a physician’s needs, and can impart a medical message clearly and succinctly. Read more


Intuition works in partnership with government health departments and professional healthcare associations to develop and implement major healthcare training programs, typically on a national scale. Read more

Defence and Security

Intuition has been a trusted supplier of custom learning courses to the UK Ministry of Defence since 1999 and have delivered Defence and Security courses to both the public and private sector since then. Read more

4/ Games and Simulations

Intuition is experienced in developing high-end games, exploratory 3D environments, and immersive simulations. We usually recommend these strategies when a change in employee behavior is sought or required. By immersing users in deep, challenging, and engaging activities, they learn by doing (from their mistakes and successes), all in a carefully controlled environment. See examples

5/ Mobile

Intuition is the market leader in mobile delivery. Working with major global consultancy firms and on real-life applications, we fully understand what works on mobile… and what doesn’t! It’s very clear that users prefer to use their down time (travelling, commuting, and waiting) to catch up on their learning.   Mobile is accessible to all and can offer real user support in learning. Read more about Intuition mobile.

Rubicon LMS

We take our management of the “portfolio mix” a notch higher by providing for the tools required to deliver the portfolio output to your learners. Rubicon, our learning, knowledge, and talent management suite offers a single, cost-effective, flexible, modular platform to deliver, track, manage, and report on learning events within your organization. Read more about Intuition Rubicon.

Classroom-Based Training

Providing customized classroom training across the globe.

Technology Centre

For all things technology, including mobile learning and portals.

eLearning Library

Off-the-shelf titles include Financial, Health, Business & IT skills.

Training on your mobile

Secure and trackable Mobile learning on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile & Android

Intuition in the news

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