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Helping organizations put learning and knowledge in the hands of their workforce

Organizations are looking for ways to support an ever increasing mobile workforce. Intuition mobile meets this need by providing anytime, anywhere access to learning and knowledge on mobile devices (including iPhones/iPads, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry)

Why Intuition Mobile?

With over 27 years experience harnessing technology to deliver learning services, Intuition are trusted both as learning and technology experts. Intuition is a recognised industry expert in the design and delivery of corporate mobile learning solutions. To date Intuition has successfully delivered in excess of 150 mobile learning projects.

Our award-wining Mobile Learning Platform makes technology work for you by enabling your organization to rapidly create, securely deliver and seamlessly track courses, surveys, assessments and other knowledge-based content across most mobile devices and tablets.  Intuition Mobile works with open standards (SCORM) and supports interactive and multimedia design techniques (HTML5, audio, video, gesture-based interactions).

 - Mobile Device Security

 - Off-line availability to Learning and Knowledge

 - Benefits of Intuition Mobile

 - Rapidly Create and Publish Content to Mobile

 - Whitepapers, Case Studies, Webinars, Infographics