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Blended Learning

Creating an effective learning experience

Intuition works closely with its clients to design and deliver blended learning programs that meet both the learning and business objectives of the organization. Our support model has evolved to meet the needs of our clients and includes a fully outsourced end-to-end solution.

Intuition’s approach begins with an assessment which identifies gaps in a learner’s knowledge prior to the classroom training taking place. These gaps are filled through a customized eLearning plan which ensures time in the classroom is put to best use. Through shorter, targeted classroom sessions, it allows instructors to create a more impactful learning experience in areas which are more complex or require a deeper level of understanding.

Using role-specific scenarios and serious games to embed knowledge in the classroom, access to Intuition’s premier eLearning catalog, Know-How, provides reinforcement long after employees have returned to their desks.

This blend of market leading content, subject matter expertise and best-in-class teaching methods combine to help clients deliver in line with the vision, values and culture of the organization.

Whether the business need is to educate a team of analysts on credit risk or provide one-to-one coaching for senior executives, Intuition carefully selects the right instructor and delivery mechanism to suit the subject matter, audience and learning objectives.




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