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Get the Know-How to deliver your services and improve your bottom line

Intuition’s Financial Training Library is used and trusted by over 1.5m financial services professionals worldwide.

  • Ensure that back office teams know how front office deals are structured and executed  to identify potential risk
  • Ensure that treasury employees Know How to choose the most effective funding options to maximize value creation
  • Ensure that business lines Know How to adapt to a constantly changing regulatory landscape
  • Ensure that support teams Know How to make financial decisions with confidence


Intuition’s Know-How library has been the market-leading online learning catalog for many years. We equip over 1.5 million financial services professionals annually with the knowledge to deliver in the rapidly-moving global marketplace. Our extensive Know-How catalog is trusted by the world’s largest investment and commercial banks, leading asset managers, insurance firms, regulatory bodies and professional services firms.

The catalog’s coverage extends to all areas of the financial services sector including Capital Markets & Derivatives, Risk Management, Regulation & Compliance, Financial Analysis & Valuation, Wealth Management and Consumer/Retail Banking.

Whether you are trying to develop new talent, equip existing staff with new skills, improve  understanding of a client’s business, or educate and support staff, Know-How is the premier solution globally.




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Role Mapping Services

Intuition’s Role Mapping service helps customers identify the appropriate Know-How courses and tutorials relevant to job roles and function. In addition, Intuition’s Advisory team works with clients in the bespoke mapping of entire curricula.

Skills Gap Analysis

Intuition’s skills gap analysis is an evaluation tool for determining knowledge needs of  an individual, group or organization. The analysis reveals the differences between required and existing skill levels and the strategies for closing the gap.


Intuition’s eLearning courses can be used for continuing education and examination preparation. Please view Intuition’s Accreditation page for further details on NASBA, ACI Exams, CFA and CPD credits for a range of professional bodies.

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