Corporate Integrity Agreement Vendor Training - Intuition

Corporate Integrity Agreement Vendor Training

Intuition delivers a highly specialized service that enables life science and healthcare organizations to promptly and thoroughly address Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) vendor compliance requirements mandated by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

Key aspects of our market-leading design, implementation and management service include:

  • Assisting with the initial identification of vendors, contractors, subcontractors and agents performing Covered Functions on behalf of the client
  • Engaging covered vendor organizations and working closely with them to identify staff who qualify as Covered Persons under the terms of the CIA
  • Development of communications plans to educate key internal and external stakeholders on the vendor compliance requirements associated with the CIA
  • Design and development of robust operating procedures and work instructions to govern all vendor compliance processes, communications and reporting requirements
  • Deployment of an online vendor compliance portal to deliver required General Training, Specific Training and certifications
  • Management of Exclusion List screening for Covered Persons and performance of annual audits on vendor compliance with Exclusion List screening requirements
  • Assistance with preparation of the vendor compliance sections of the implementation reports and annual reports required the OIG
  • Fully managed service focused on ensuring that vendor compliance is consistently monitored and maintained over the life of the CIA

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