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Campus to Corporate Workshop


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As banks face continuing cost pressures, the time taken for graduates to settle into these roles is at a premium. Most are embarking on their post-university career paths with little or no previous experience and many fall short in adjusting their behaviours, attitudes and expectations – shaped by years of education and college life – to the corporate world.

‘Breaking-in’ to a new culture is essential to a graduate’s career start and while the technical induction is important in terms of early stage development, the professional skills needed to establish themselves and their reputation in the workplace are critical in terms of retention.

Intuition’s ‘Campus to Corporate’ workshop can be used in conjunction with technical training programmes or delivered standalone. They are uniquely designed to help your organisation manage the professional and cultural transition by teaching graduates:

  • To create positive first impressions with managers, senior colleagues and stakeholders
  • To understand how the different cultures and generations at the workplace may react to them
  • To manage expectations and perceptions in the workplace to overcome negative concerns and biases
  • To utilise key communication techniques
  • To maximise personal reputation via personal behaviour and provision of value to others
  • To maximise relationships with all key internal and external stakeholders

Taught as highly collaborative and interactive sessions, our workshops aim to provide new employees with the key strategies to transition into capable, valuable, professional employees.

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