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We have a proven track record of designing global induction programs that facilitate delivery & administration to enable new joiners to discover, settle into and fill their new roles. Our approach is to review and evaluate your current induction landscape before recommending a design in continuity with your best practices. Our production capabilities offer extensive options spanning classroom presentations, facilitator manuals, and simple to complex interactive eLearning courses. On the content delivery side, we have developed integrated portals that seamlessly blend the induction life-cycle into your existing systems including features such as workflows, news, collaboration, reports and many more.

Providing guidance to new joiners without requiring excessive involvement from more senior managers is the main challenge in designing efficient induction programs. Our approach to overcome this obstacle is simple, we take the time to document the perspective from both the learning and administrating target audience to get a holistic view of what critical questions our portal will be accountable for.

This user-led approach is also critical in defining the balance of generic versus technical content the induction process will rely on; and for this expertise Intuition is a one-stop-shop from concept creation to roll-out campaigns.


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