Intuition Dubbed Strategic Leader in Dynamic Digital Learning Market

In a recently published report, Fosway, Europe’s number 1 industry analyst, has deemed Intuition a strategic leader in the world of digital learning. Fosway use a five-dimensional market analysis model to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in the learning and talent systems market.

The report discovered interesting information in relation to the digital learning landscape. An in-depth analysis of the market found 6 significant findings:

  1. Demand for digital learning remains high
  2. Partnering between solution providers growing in importance
  3. Buyers want dynamic solution
  4. New supply options disrupt the market
  5. Face-to-face learning providers make moves
  6. Benefits of employee learning an emerging theme

The below summarizes the reports market-related findings.

Demand for digital learning remains high

European vendors are reporting between 10 and 20% growth. Some are even experiencing 100% growth. Solutions continue to evolve, making the marketplace difficult to navigate. Traditional tools are competing against emerging delivery channels leaving buyers overwhelmed.

Partnering between solutions providers growing in importance

Given the evolving complexity of available solutions, the need for cross-partnering across solutions has increased. Manageable, connected and compatible solutions are in demand and must be met by learning providers. A result of this finding is the need for robust partnerships between solution providers. Isolated operations are decreasing as suppliers combine to provide exciting and complex learning systems, capable of meeting varied needs.

Buyers want a dynamic solution

A dynamic learning landscape is in demand, as buyers utilise multiple learning avenues to gain a competitive edge. While traditional learning is still used, more organizations are diversifying their delivery channels to meet the varying needs of employees. This has resulted in broadened solutions serving content, platform and consulting needs.

New supply options disrupt the market

More content options have led to a disruptive marketplace, giving buyers a greater scope and combination of solutions to choose from. Coupled with cost-efficient methods of accessing expertise, the market is now broader than ever. Add to this the flexibility of communication and access to resources and projects results in new trends and an evolving digital learning space.

Face-to-face learning providers make moves

Suppliers previously focused on traditional delivery methods are beginning to enter the digital market. Unable to ignore its importance, the rise of entry from face-to-face learning providers to the modern market has steadily increased. With some providers going through acquisitions, many have built internal digital capabilities and are looking to compete with market leaders.

Benefits of employee learning an emerging theme

Talent acquisition remains a priority among top competitors in various industries. Learning as an employee benefit is an emerging theme and being given greater importance. Learning and development has become a differentiator companies can use to attract top talent. This raises opportunity for learning providers to acquire more business.

Allied to these market changes are emerging trends. A number of developments from a solutions standpoint are expected to emerge.

They are:

  1. New learning formats
  2. Video becomes mainstream
  3. Microlearning builds momentum
  4. Measuring success through impact
  5. 70:20:10 in decline
  6. Personalized learning becoming a differentiator
  7. Searchable content a core part of effective learning
  8. Mobile learning always an entry-level requirement
  9. AR and VR come to the fore
  10. Artificial and augmented intelligence rise along with intelligent assistants

These are just some of the exciting market developments and emerging trends in the world of digital learning, at which Intuition is at the fore.

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