Intuition Learning Insights: Issue 3 - Intuition

Intuition Learning Insights: Issue 3

insights_coverLearning Insights is Intuition’s newsletter that discusses trending topics in finance and recommends relevant Intuition Know-How tutorials for further reading. In this issue of Intuition Learning Insights we cover:

  • European Quantitative Easing: Easier Said Than Done: Discussing the implications of the Public Centre Purchase Programme established under the expanded Asset Purchase Programme.
  • Factor-Based Investing: Not Just Flavor of the Month, Part II: Looking at how alternative indexing strategies came to be, and how the move to risk-factor investing was also driven by the need for better risk management.
  • Mrs. Watanabe Seeks a Safe Haven: Analysing the behavioural shift of Japanese savers who are reversing the long-standing trend of traditional, risk averse investments.
  • UK Commercial Real Estate: Not Quite ‘Safe As Houses’: Looking at the impact of Brexit on the UK’s commercial real estate and commercial lending markets.

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