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Mobile Security

sales-via-mobile-local-linx-marketingTraditionally, security has not been a high priority for e-learning; as such content was hosted and only accessible at the organization’s office, behind an enterprise firewall and/or was primarily non-proprietary or confidential in nature. The increasing popularity of mobile learning is rapidly changing how and where we share knowledge, which, in turn, changes the content – both in instructional design and around sensitivity and confidentiality. This paper discusses Intuition’s approach to ensure proprietary information and content is secure in the cloud, on employee devices, and as data travels “over the air” to and from the mobile devices.

Expectations from an increasingly mobile workforce are forcing organizations to empower their employees through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs that aim to facilitate personal devices for work purposes. Employees are content they don’t have to carry around multiple mobile devices and feel connected to the office. Companies are satisfied as this practice reduces cost and increases productivity levels of the workforce. However, this growing trend introduces less secure mobile devices with access to sensitive corporate information, and enterprise IT. As organizations apply policies less rigorously on isolation, their Information Security departments are starting to enforce strict Acceptable Use and Security policies on what content personal mobile devices have access to in an effort to protect against device data theft.

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