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Intuition Know-How – Full Library

Intuition’s Know-How library has been the market-leading online learning catalog for many years. We equip over 1.5 million financial services professionals annually with the knowledge to deliver in the rapidly-moving global marketplace. Our extensive Know-How catalog is trusted by the world’s largest investment and commercial banks, leading asset managers, insurance firms, regulatory bodies and professional services firms.

The catalog’s coverage extends to all areas of the financial services sector including Capital Markets & Derivatives, Risk Management, Regulation & Compliance, Financial Analysis Valuation, Wealth Management and Consumer/Retail Banking.

PRMIA Risk Awareness Program

PRMIA Risk Awareness program includes 33 key risk courses from the Intuition Know-How Library representing the fundamentals of risk management:

  • Risk Management
    (14 courses)
  • Introduction to Credit Risk
    (4 courses)
  • Credit Risk Management
    (7 courses)
  • Credit Risk Appetite
    (3 courses)
  • Bank Lending
    (5 courses)