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Modern Learner Infographic

For the very first time in history our workforce includes workers from 5 different generations. Download our latest infographic for an insight into the traits of the modern learner and what makes them tick.

Infographic - The Mobile Era in Learning

Did you know that 51% of smartphone users don’t download any apps in a month?

For more stats, trends and tips, download our latest infographic: The Mobile Era in Learning

Cybersecurity Nudge Infographic

Cybersecurity - A Nudge in the Right Direction

When it comes to cyber security, it is not enough for employees to know the right things, they must do the right things and do them consistently. In our latest infographic, we explore the use of ‘nudges’ for promoting safe online behaviors.

Gen Z Infographic

Gen Z Infographic

Gen ZGen Z, another complex label for a new group of learners. The successor to millennials, Gen Z make up 25% of the US population. This infographic explores the key facts about Gen Z and how you can engage them with eLearning.

Post PC Security

smartphoneThis infographic charts the rise of popularity of SmartPhones, Tablet devices and e-readers. It considers who the winners and the losers in the fight for global SmartPhone market share. It also highlights the digital shift from PC’s to Smartphones and paper books to e-readers.

Senior Managers & Certification Regime

SMCR_HEADERThe new Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) can be a complex subject to navigate. There is a need to understand who is affected and what they need to do to prepare, as well as what is required to remain certified. This infographic on SM&CR guides you through the key points that you need to know to be prepared.

Online Learning Library

Know How Online LibraryIntuition's online learning library uses animation, case studies, realistic scenarios, simulations and practice exercises to deliver financial knowledge that's both practical and engaging for both financial and non-financial organizations.  This infographic gives a brief overview of our most popular courses, the main benefits and how different organizations use our solutions.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning ImageMobile, just in time knowledge sharing is fast becoming the learning medium of choice.  This infographic looks at the rise of enterprise mobile learning and where mobile usage in the workforce is heading.  With 75% of the US workforce being mobile already, we look at how these figures are going to increase in the coming years.

Knowledge Sharing

Social and Collaborative ImageThis infographic examines what social and collaborative learning is and how knowledge management platforms can support social interaction and collaboration.  It looks at how knowledge management platforms provide a secure environment that are accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

Dodd Frank

Dodd Frank 2 ImageHow did the Dodd-Frank Act come into being?  This infographic gives an overview of precisely that.  It looks at how the Act came about and its main aims.   It also covers key areas targeted by Dodd-Frank, and the regulatory bodies involved in setting rules that ensure bill directives are implemented.

iPad and Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness

Pharma Sales IpadThe use of mobile devices by physicians is on the rise.  This infographic highlights usage of mobile tablet devices within the medical sector.  It looks at the percentage of physicians who own iPads or other mobile devices and those who would prefer view pharmaceutical information on them - a figure that's only set to rise.

Consumer Banking

Consumer Banking ImageToday’s consumer bank bears little resemblance to traditional retail and small business banks.  This infographic focuses on the evolution of consumer banking from the products offered to the type of metrics used to access performance in branches.  It also looks at the themes Intuition covers within our Consumer Banking course.