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Modern Learner Infographic

For the very first time in history our workforce includes workers from 5 different generations. Download our latest infographic for an insight into the traits of the modern learner and what makes them tick.

Cybersecurity Nudge Infographic

Cybersecurity - A Nudge in the Right Direction

When it comes to cyber security, it is not enough for employees to know the right things, they must do the right things and do them consistently. In our latest infographic, we explore the use of ‘nudges’ for promoting safe online behaviors.

Infographic - The Mobile Era in Learning

Did you know that 51% of smartphone users don’t download any apps in a month?

For more stats, trends and tips, download our latest infographic: The Mobile Era in Learning

Gen Z Infographic

Gen Z Infographic

Gen ZGen Z, another complex label for a new group of learners. The successor to millennials, Gen Z make up 25% of the US population. This infographic explores the key facts about Gen Z and how you can engage them with eLearning.