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2015 is the Year of Mobile Learning. Are you Ready?

We’ve come a long way since the first cellular call was placed from a street corner in Manhattan on April 3rd, 1973. Current projections show there will be 1.75 billion smartphone users by 2015.

This session explores how mobile has transformed so many aspects of our personal lives, from reading books to hailing a cab. Mobile has turned the professional world upside down too, bringing radical changes to email, calendaring, and knowledge sharing.

At Intuition, we believe that mobile technologies will transform the way people learn and gain new skills. Is your workforce ready for the revolution in mobile learning and performance that is coming in 2015?

Is your mobile phone more important than your toothbrush?

According to a recent mobility trends report, the majority of Millennials aged 18-24 rate their mobile phone as more important to their daily lives than their laptop/PC, television, deodorant and toothbrush.

This statistic points to our ever-increasing reliance on mobile technologies in both professional and personal settings. Intuition's webinar recording explores the fundamental shift to a mobile-first mindset among modern professionals.

This webinar explores the following areas:

  • A remarkable increase in mobile data usage
  • The curious habits derived from our increased mobile dependency
  • Rapidly changing technology expectations, particularly among Millennials
  • The impact of mobile-first thinking on on learning and professional development