Webinar: Do Hackers Focus More on Your People Than you Do? - Intuition

Webinar: Do Hackers Focus More on Your People Than you Do?

Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday 22nd November, 08:30 (GMT) / 15:30 (WIB) /16:30 (SGT, HKT,MYT, CST)/ 17:30 (JST) / 19:30 (AEDT)

As the business community staggers from one cybersecurity crisis to another, research continues to highlight human error as the key factor in the majority of security breaches.

Oftentimes these security lapses are the result of simple carelessness but on many other occasions, they are the result of systematic attempts by hackers and other determined actors to expose employees as the weakest link in the security chain.

In the second webinar in our Human Aspect series, Oz Alashe MBE explains why most awareness tools are missing the mark and how more can be done to demonstrably change behaviours and reduce cyber risk within your organisation.

What to Expect?

  • Why are people often referred to as the “weak link” in information security?
  • Why do so many people find it easy to take risks online?
  • Common reasons why your current awareness training might not be working.
  • What lessons have we learned from past data breaches and how can we use these?
  • The role of human behavioural science principles and human psychology.
  • Ways in which advanced technology help empower employees to reduce cyber risk.

Webinar Presenter

Oz Alashe MBE – CEO and Founder of CybSafe

About the Presenter

Oz is CEO and founder of CybSafe.

CybSafe is a leading provider of accredited cyber security awareness training that focuses on better protecting people from cyber threats, both at work and at home. It uses a cloud-based platform grounded in psychology and behavioural science which has been built to address the human aspect of cyber security

A former British Army and UK Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Oz has a successful track record of developing and leading the specialist application of intelligence, cyber and risk management capability to tackle sensitive challenges in business and government.

Oz was made an MBE for his personal leadership in the most complex of conflict environments.