Intuition Cybersecurity - An Intelligent Approach to Cyber Awareness

Intuition Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risk has become an integral part of doing business. Organizations all over the world recognize that a security breach may result in serious financial, operational and reputational damage.


Of Large Organizations had a Breach in 2015


Global Average Cost of a Breach in 2016


Of Small Organizations had a Breach in 2015


Organizations typically prioritize technology as a means of cyber-defense, investing in expensive firewalls and encryption systems. Most organizations however fail to recognize that technology – while important – is not a panacea. They overlook the critical role that humans must play in securing an organization’s cyber defense.

Intuition Cybersecurity is an intelligent training and awareness software that empowers organizations to change behaviors, reduce risk and transform people related security vulnerability into the first line of defense.


Designed by experts_ICON

Designed by Experts

Developed by industry specialists with expertise ranging from cybersecurity to behavioral psychology to business, Intuition Cybersecurity is designed to promote positive behavior change.

Training and Awareness_ICON

Training and Awareness

Assess baseline understanding then raise awareness with accredited video-based training and spaced learning.

Assured quality_ICON

Assured Quality

The only GCHQ accredited learning software that fuses cybersecurity awareness training with human behavior change analytics and online threat intelligence.

Simulated Cyberattacks_ICON

Simulated Cyber Attacks

Assure retained knowledge, fight the forgetting curve, promote behavior change and assess vulnerability with bespoke simulated attacks.

Reporting and Analytics_ICON

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics enable organizations to identify, understand and demonstrably reduce staff-related cybersecurity risk.

Intelligent approach_ICON

An Intelligent Approach

Leverages machine learning and intelligent software to adapt to the ever- evolving cybersecurity environment and ensure that users are better protected online.