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Intuition is a leading global knowledge management solutions company

With offices located worldwide, we have developed and deployed our award winning learning products and services to many of the world’s leading corporate and largest public sector organizations for over 25 years.>> FIND OUT MORE

Intuition introduces its brand new online content covering The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The implementation of GDPR on May 25th 2018 will affect any organizations that process EU citizens data. Our brand new tutorial provides an overview of the scope, principles, rights and consequences of GDPR.

MiFID II - Certify the knowledge and competency of your staff using Intuition Know-How

With systems and processes standing up to early scrutiny, financial services firms are now focusing their attention on ensuring staff are equally prepared for doing business in the MiFID II era. Intuition specialises in helping firms meet their regulatory obligations in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Intuition is the number one eLearning provider to the financial services industry

Intuition’s Know-How library is used by 1.5 million financial markets professionals annually. As the market leader, it is trusted by the world’s largest investment and commercial banks, leading asset managers, insurance firms, regulatory bodies and professional services firms.>> FIND OUT MORE

Intuition delivers custom courses in over 120 countries in 25+ languages

With hundreds of hours of custom courses developed for clients each year, Intuition develops knowledge solutions that combine best-in-class instructional design with the latest technology to meet the varied requirements of global industries.>> FIND OUT MORE

Intuition’s blended learning programs ensure effective transfer of knowledge

Intuition delivers blended learning programs to some of the world’s biggest financial institutions using a combination of self-paced learning, virtual and face to face workshops and the latest portal, tablet and mobile technology.>> FIND OUT MORE

Ireland's 2025 Financial Strategy

The Irish government envisages its financial services sector as a top-tier global location of choice for specialist financial services. The new strategy for Ireland has set lofty targets in relation to employment numbers, talent-acquisition, FinTech development and more. This e-Book gives a summary of the strategy, with a focus on the 4 key pillars outlined in the document. >> Download e-Book



Intuition’s professional services team advise, design and deliver on learning content and strategies for global clients



Intuition’s portfolio of online learning catalogs deliver highly effective content through innovative technologies



Intuition’s knowledge management technologies allow clients to unlock, process and apply organizational knowledge



Intuition blends eLearning with workshops and learning technologies to ensure effective knowledge transfer

Intuition Know-How is the market-leading online learning catalog for financial services firms, equipping over 1.5 million finance professionals with the knowledge to deliver in the rapidly-moving world of banking and finance.

Knowledge Services

Custom eLearning Content

Intuition’s custom eLearning content development service is attuned to the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients and their user base. Depending on the learning requirement, this may involve anything from rapid courses to media-rich games and virtual simulations.


Knowledge Technology


Intuition’s award-winning mobile platform allows organizations to rapidly create, securely deliver and seamlessly track online learning courses, surveys and assessments and other learning and knowledge-based content across multiple devices.


Blended Learning

Graduate Programs

Intuition’s graduate programs are fully blended end-to-end solutions which work to identify levels of pre-existing knowledge, fill knowledge gaps and close the knowledge loop through pre-assessment, facilitated workshops and post-assessment.




Looking to build a learning program from scratch or examining ways to improve your existing program? Intuition’s Advisory team marries its wealth of learning experience with extensive industry expertise to ensure your program is aligned to the specific needs and goals of your business.


Financial Services


As the premier eLearning provider to the financial services sector, Intuition delivers knowledge solutions to the largest and most prestigious firms in the world…

Life Sciences


With an extensive track record serving the life sciences sector, Intuition is proud to have many of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies as clients…




Covering a broad range of industries, Intuition regularly delivers knowledge solutions to meet the varied learning needs of large corporate organizations…

Oil & Gas


With some of the world’s biggest energy companies as clients, Intuition’s solutions cater for the specific knowledge requirements of the oil and gas sector…



Public Sector & Health


Serving some of the most powerful and influential public sector bodies, Intuition delivers solutions that cater for the broad needs of national and global audiences…



Professional Services


Intuition partners with some of the world’s most reputable professional services firms to enhance the knowledge capital of employees and add value to client relationships…




Software Security

Is Your Organisation Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Software security is of enormous concern given the extent of global connectivity. Increasing levels of internet-related crime and the apparent inability of even the most technologically advanced organizations protect themselves against a storm of attacks highlight the nature of this subject.

Fosway9gridIntuition Recognised as a Strategic Leader in Digital Learning.

Intuition is delighted to announce that we have been recognised as a Strategic Leader on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning.