Back to the Future: Returning to a Hybrid World

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What to Expect from the Webinar

We are now embarking on yet another adjustment to our working lives. The changes in how we work that we have made over the past eighteen months have been challenging to say the least. This shift however is not just changing for the moment, it will lead us to being optimized for the inevitable future as technology plays such a huge part of what we do.

In this session, you will learn what returning to a hybrid world means for the organization, for the culture, for the teams, and for the individuals that work there. You will understand the most important mindset shifts that we need to make to smoothly transition to a world where hybrid communication and productivity is the norm. You will discover actionable strategies to implement to ensure that you improve your performance and your team’s performance when some work from home and some work from the office.

You Will Learn

How To

  • Help yourself and your team adjust to the changing landscape

  • Develop a resilient and adaptive mindset to the hybrid world

  • Handle the challenges that come with returning to the office

  • Manage hybrid teams 

  • Build a hybrid culture of excellence in your team and organization 

  • Re-ignite the spark of motivation for your teams moving forward 

  • Take the best lessons learned from the virtual world & apply them now

About Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick is a Psychologist, International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer. Having a Masters in Applied Psychology, Owen has travelled the world to more than 100 countries and spoken to audiences in over 30 of them. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Seth Godin, Owen’s TEDX Talk ‘Mind Control’ has been viewed by more than 1.3 million people. He has studied Strategic Negotiation in Harvard Business School and is regarded as a leading expert on the topics of psychology, behavioural economics and influence.

He has worked with billionaires, olympic athletes and companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Pfizer, Ogilvy and Barclays to name but a few and helps organisations improve how they communicate and interact internally and externally with their clients and customers. He is also an award winning screenwriter and actor.

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