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Early careers programs How to maintain momentum

Early careers programs: How to maintain momentum Organizations use early careers programs to attract competent graduates with great promise, investing in a long-term vision of these individuals as future leaders and specialists within the organization. Early careers programs are highly structured, and involve a core element of training, often so the employee progresses

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How to Maintain Momentum for Onboarding Programs 

How to Maintain Momentum for Onboarding Programs Benefits of implementing a strong onboarding program “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” - Forbes An effective onboarding program is paramount for employee engagement. Research has shown the link between effective onboarding and employee engagement. The ramifications of a

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How to Maintain Momentum for Learning Programs

How to Maintain Momentum for Learning Programs Training, re-skilling and upskilling define the career journeys of today's worker. Employees are now living through an age of rapid digital transformation as the pace of technological innovation is beyond exponential. This has resulted in a fast-moving, competitive landscape with a strong requirement for the most up-to-date

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How You Can Create a More Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

How You Can Create A More Diverse & Inclusive Workplace A multitude of research has made it extremely clear that organizations with more diverse workforces perform better. The rational is that diverse companies are often thought of as being better positioned to acquire top talent, improve customer orientation, satisfaction

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How Has 2020 Transformed Workplace Learning?

How Has 2020 Transformed Workplace Learning? Earlier this year, The World Health Organization announced a global pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, and since, stark new economic realities have emerged along with fundamental changes to the business models, working structures and learning programs of many organizations. Widespread digital transformation has occurred

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