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Webinar – The Human Aspect of Cybersecurity

Webinar - The Human Aspect of Cybersecurity

As the scale and complexity of the cyber threat is revealed, so too is the general lack of cybersecurity readiness within organizations, even in those that spend millions of dollars on state of the art technology. 

Most organizations recognize the importance of technological deterrents but fail to acknowledge the critical role that humans must play in securing an organization’s cyber defense. 

Cyber security education is critically important for both the makers and users of technology. Software developers must be trained to ensure the products they build are secure and non-technical employees need to have the basic cyber security awareness necessary to protect both themselves and the organizations they work for. 

In this webinar, Oz Alashe MBE, the CEO of our partners, CybSafe joined our in-house security specialist Francis McKeagney to discuss a strategy for holistically addressing the human element of cybersecurity.

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