Mindfulness really does seem to be the new buzzword about town, but what’s the reason behind its growing popularity and how can it help you in the workplace?

Work can be a stressful place, even more so given that most of us carry our virtual office with us wherever we go.  We are constantly receiving calls and emails on mobile devices which can make it harder to switch off or to concentrate when we’re stressed or anxious.

Mind Fitness training for TradersThe practice of mindfulness and meditation is all about being able to create space to de-clutter our over-stimulated brains so we can focus on one thing at a time.  It’s a practice that is being adopted in an increasing number of work environments and it seems everyone’s talking about the benefits of mindfulness from Buzzfeed to City A.M.

Early adopters include the military, athletes and sports teams, medical practitioners and rapid response units – people who all work in highly stressful environments where for some the wrong decision can have dire consequences.

Growing evidence developed through neuroscientific research has proven that stress, pressure and aggression all produce a reaction in our brains which is part of the “fight, flight or freeze” response.  Far from working better under pressure, most people’s cognitive decision making processes become flawed by the heightened emotional strain they are under.

For traders, brokers, portfolio managers, analysts, in fact anyone who works in the high pressure environment of Financial Markets, mindfulness or “Mind Fitness” can be of immense benefit in the work environment and by increasing a healthy work/life balance.  Mindfulness training enables people to gain a considered perspective on their own work, before returning to their responsibilities with a more positive and productive outlook”.

Intuition’s Mind Fitness training gives practical strategies based on mindfulness approaches.  The training helps people improve performance through developing greater attention and focus, improved emotion management, reduced stress reactivity, and the ability to focus clearly to take effective action.  Mind fitness training can also have a positive effect on relationships, well-being and decision making processes both in and outside the work environment.

Mind Fitness training is available from Intuition in a range of formats from short introductory workshops to a full on 16 hour mind fitness training program.

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