What’s New In Know-How v58?

Intuition has released the latest version of Know-How, the premier digital learning solution for financial services.

This release features several updates, including:

  • 23 New Tutorials
  • The further addition of 60 individual video nuggets
  • New ESG & SRI content
  • New Quantitative Trading content
  • A brand-new series on Consumer (Retail) Banking
  • New Payments tutorials
  • New tutorial on Interest Rate Benchmarks
  • New Compliance tutorials

New Tutorials

Know-How’s already-impressive catalog continues to grow as 23 new tutorials are added to the library. Know-How now boasts over 550 tutorials on a wide range of topics relevant to the finance industry.

You can learn more about the new tutorials below.

60 Individual Video nuggets

In this release of Know-How, 60 individual video nuggets have been added to the library, further expanding its comprehensive bank of video content.

ESG & SRI Content

With a market now estimated at more than $30 trillion, the importance of sustainable investing continues to rise. Understanding the sector is essential for everyone who works in finance.

Our latest Know-How tutorials provide not only an overview of ESG and SRI reporting but also the increasingly important emerging green asset class as well as an exploration of ESG factors through detailed case studies.

New ESG & SRI content:

  • ESG & SRI – Reporting
  • Green Assets
  • ESG & SRI – Scenario (Retail)
  • ESG & SRI – Scenario (Institutional)

Quantitative Trading Content

A subset of the broader topic of quantitative finance, quantitative trading covers all aspects of using mathematical methods in trading markets.

In the latest release of Know-How, four additional tutorials on Quantitative Trading, including coverage of the use of data and machine learning in a trading environment have been added to the library.

New Quantitative Trading content:

  • Quantitative Trading – Data & Machine Learning
  • Quantitative Trading – Risk Management
  • Quantitative Trading – Portfolio Construction
  • Quantitative Trading – Case Studies

Brand New Series on Consumer (Retail) Banking

Designed to equip learners with the fundamentals of consumer/retail banking, this new series includes coverage of the various retail products offered, omnichannel delivery, customer service and experience, and risk management.

This course is suitable for new recruits to the consumer/retail banking business as well as more senior personnel seeking to understand the interrelated aspects of consumer banking product lines and distribution channels, particularly in the light of new entrants seeking to disrupt the traditional landscape through exploitation of remote digital channels.

Consumer (Retail) Banking content:

  • Consumer Banking Products – Credit
  • Consumer Banking Products – Noncredit
  • Consumer Banking – Omnichannel Delivery
  • Consumer Banking – Customer Experience
  • Consumer Banking – Risk Management

New Payments Tutorials

A powerful combination of new technology and enabling regulation has led to an influx of FinTech and PayTech competitors into the consumer/retail banking sector. This has created an increasingly sophisticated payments ecosystem, and an exciting but complex payments marketplace has emerged.

Know-How’s Payments course covers a range of topics, including:

  • The different types of payments systems and networks
  • The structure of the payments ecosystem and how its participants have evolved
  • The influential role played by regulation, notably from the EU, in shaping the digital payments landscape

This release has seen the addition of the following content:

  • Payments Systems
  • Payments Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Merchant Services
  • Cards & Payments Programs

New Tutorial on Interest Rate Benchmarks

For the past number of years, policymakers have been developing new benchmarks to replace LIBOR.

This release includes a new tutorial on interest rate benchmarks, including details of the key features of the new indices that will replace LIBOR.

New Compliance Tutorials

Finally, Know-How’s compliance content continues to grow. In this release, several new compliance tutorials have been added on topics such as Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions.


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