InnerWorkings is now part of the Intuition Publishing Group - Intuition

InnerWorkings is now part of the Intuition Publishing Group


Intuition, the leading knowledge solutions provider, today announced that InnerWorkings has become part of its global group.

David Harrison, CEO of Intuition said We are delighted to welcome InnerWorkings to the Intuition Group. This enhances our end-to-end solutions for customers and allows Intuition to expand on our vision of helping clients unlock the critical knowledge needed to provide competitive edge.”InnerWorkings was founded with a vision of transforming the way software developers learn and are supported in the workplace. The InnerWorkings platform provides an unrivaled learning experience for users with over 1,000 hours of hands-on coding exercises, a deep library of programming titles from its partner Safari, and learning support from expert mentors. It also enables an organization to collate the performance data into a valuable series of executive and line manager reports, which can be used to generate skill metrics and ROI data across an extended development group.

He continued “Existing knowledge solutions to improve programmer performance and increase productivity simply do not deliver value to enterprises or developers. The team at InnerWorkings has created a highly differentiated and scalable solution for software developers and their managers”. 

The InnerWorkings platform will now be integrated into Intuition’s suite of solutions and will form a key part of its online learning offering.

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