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Cian is a business analyst from the west of Ireland who works primarily with our commercial technology team. Cian has a strong interest in working with organizations to help them create versatile solutions to their unique training and learning challenges. Contact Cian at cdooley@intuition.com to learn more about Intuition. Contact Cian via email at cdooley@intuition.com if you are interested in learning more about our solutions.

Virtual Onboarding: Delivering A Meaningful Experience

Virtual Onboarding: Delivering A Meaningful Experience In a previous article published on the Intuition blog, the underpinning principles of virtual onboarding best practices were explained. This article builds on the information in that piece, explaining how a meaningful virtual onboarding experience can be provided to new hires despite their virtual location, considering the aforementioned

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Virtual Onboarding Best Practices: 5 Underpinning Principles

Virtual Onboarding Best Practices: 5 Underpinning Principles The world of onboarding has been turned on its head over the past year, increasing the importance of virtual onboarding best practices. In 2020, with an aggressive shift to virtual, firms were forced to develop and execute onboarding programs with the aim of simply surviving a tumultuous

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The Importance of Executive Leadership in SRI

The Importance of Executive Leadership in SRI  The importance of leaders during times of crisis cannot be understated. When it comes to sustainability initiatives and SRI, the spotlight is on both governments and corporate leaders. How to make businesses more sustainable is a contentious issue. This article will explore the impact

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eLearning Effectiveness for Finance

eLearning Effectiveness for Finance Disruptions such as the rise of FinTech along with the dramatic shift toward virtual environments as a result of the coronavirus are driving the importance of continuous learning and skill (re)development. To deal with these disruptive forces, finance organizations must ensure their workforce is adaptable to changes in the industry. By

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Innovative Internships: 3 Reasons Finance Companies Should Invest

Innovative Internships: 3 Reasons Finance Companies Should Invest While the finance industry gets to grips with remote working and prepares itself for the challenges ahead as a result of the global pandemic, college graduates are left in an unusual situation. Integration processes for interns and new hires for 2020 will be conducted predominantly online, with

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6 Steps to Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty 

6 Steps to Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty The Pain Points of Uncertainty The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on society over the past year. The uncertainty around the situation has altered stock markets, impacted people’s daily lives, and changed the nature of how businesses operate. This is a challenging time for business

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COVID-19: How Organizations Should ACT

COVID-19: How Organizations Should A.C.T. The escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all aspects of society, from the stock market to our day-to-day lives and everything in between. While nations have had varied responses, most world leaders accept the need for Social Distancing. The duration of this necessary period is

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