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Code of Conduct Case Study - Global Life Sciences

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The cultural diversity resulting from mergers and acquisitions can cause communication and coordination difficulties for any high-growth company. During 2016, Intuition was engaged by global life sciences company to revitalise their Code of Conduct training program. The company in question had just come through a dizzying series of corporate acquisitions and needed something different, a creative solution that would inspire acceptance of organisational values across a multicultural and geographically dispersed workforce.

Enterprise Compliance Case Study

complianceIntuition is a global leader in providing compliance solutions. For over 25 years, Intuition has deployed enterprise solutions across global corporate and public sector organizations. These solutions help clients optimize the delivery of compliance information and learning programs within their organizations.

In this case study, our client is a wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals and provider of health information, technology, medical supplies and care management tools. Their US customer base includes hospitals, physicians, and health plans. As part of its launch of a new company-wide Code of Conduct, our client wanted to distribute its annual compliance training assignments to a wide audience, educating employees on business skills, best practices, Code of Conduct regulations and other relevant commercial topics.

Mobile Case Study - Capgemini

capgemini home page logoCapgemini University required a solution to deliver learning content to a geographically dispersed group of consultants as part of their knowledge management strategy. The traditional methods of eLearning and classroom training had to be supplemented for these consultants who were constantly travelling and spending a significant amount of time away from the office or on client sites.

Mobile Case study - Oil and Gas

oil-gasThe technical innovation team of a global petrochemical company approached Intuition to explore the possibility of sharing technical documentation with colleagues on mobile devices. The result of this collaboration was an ePublishing solution that enables field engineers to access all documentation via an application on their iPad. From within the app, engineers could also create public and / or private comments, bookmark documents and share new techniques and knowledge with colleagues around the world.

Mobile Learning for Defence

armyA client in the defence sector approached Intuition to evaluate the potential of mobile learning for the training and development of soldiers. The Army saw potential for soldiers for the following reasons:

  • Soldiers don’t have the same access to desktop computers as personnel in other industries.
  • When soldiers do have access, they find it difficult to find the time to complete their learning programs.
  • Utilizing a device that a soldier already carries is attractive to the Army.

Research showed that a soldier’s personal mobile phone is increasingly likely to be a smartphone so why not leverage the capabilities of this device? There were many dissenting voices such as ‘It’s not secure’, ‘It’s contraband’, ‘Not every soldier has one’ etc. Despite these challenges, The Army saw the potential of mobile learning and recognised that the only way to surmount these barriers was to test smartphone capability where it matters, in the field.